Freelance Consultant

Editorial, creative and strategic consultancy for System, an influential biannual magazine about the people, ideas and culture that shape fashion.

In addition to delivering strategic recommendations across System’s activities, commercial and editorial projects included:

Chloé Radio

Launching the Chloé Radio podcast series to promoting the brand’s fashion show at Maison de la Radio in Paris. Season two was recorded at Hyères Festival and released early June 2019. Provided activation concepts, brand positioning, ongoing casting and seasonal programming recommendations.

System Bookstore
Establishing a partnership with Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées to launch a curated bookstore in Paris. The bookstore brings the world of System to the shelves, with their first retail space.

Feature Interview for Issue 13
Feature interview with Nike’s Fraser Cooke for System’s issue 13 to explore the rise of collaboration and his pick of the most influential over the past 25 years. The feature and Fraser’s curated selection was turned into an exhibition at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées to celebrate the launch of System Bookstore and issue 13.

Nike x A-Ćold-Wall*
Zine to celebrate Nike x A-Ćold-Wall* capsule collection collaboration, including an interview with A-Ćold-Wall* designer Samuel Ross.

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