What is editorial?

Editorial is about opinion. Just like a newspaper op-ed, it offers a point of view and invites its audience to make up their own minds. Editorial sparks discussion and reaction; it aims to provoke and inspire. It offers a prism through which to see the world, and invites the audience to either adopt that view or form another.

Working with agencies, publishers and brands, I bring a multi-disciplinary mindset and multi-channel approach to inspire engaging storytelling, inform strategic analysis and shape creative concepts. This has seen me work across editorial, creative, copywriting and strategy. Some of the services I have provided include:

  • editorial direction

  • thought leadership

  • digital strategy

  • brand partnership

  • brand strategy

  • sponsorship programmes

  • creative direction

  • brand positioning

  • conceptual creative

  • business development

  • content strategy

  • communications platforms

  • campaign concepts

  • feature writing

  • copywriting

  • sub-editing

  • conducting interviews

  • video editing

  • social and event activations

  • community management

  • and many more…